Monthly Archives: February 2014

What’s it like to sit at the Provincial Council table? In her fifth video blog, CARNA President Shannon Spenceley gives you a glimpse into what being a councillor is all about, what qualifications a councillor needs and how you can apply. Visit the CARNA Election webpage for the nomination form and more details on running for… Read More

Engagement: what does it mean to you?

When I use the word engagement, what comes to mind for you? A marriage proposal (that’s a big one!) or maybe an event you agreed to attend… CARNA is perhaps not the first thing that comes to mind! :)  But these things do have something in common – they are about  commitment.  Yes, I will commit to marry you. Yes, I will commit to attend that event… these are very visible demonstrations of commitment, of time, energy, spirit, emotion…  “Oh brother”  you may be thinking… “here it comes…she’s going to ask me to commit to CARNA!”

That’s not really my point, but bear with me.