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The toolkit phenomenon

“Rules are for when brains run out.”

Is that a great quote or what? It came out of the mouth of the honourable Mr. Fred Horne, Minister of Health, in his concluding remarks at the Inspiring Quality in Continuing Care Conference October 8-9 in Edmonton.

Mr. Horne is a very smart man, with a strong understanding of our complex health system—and in those few words he really captured one thing that has been troubling me across a number of sectors in health care delivery, including continuing care. I call it the “toolkit phenomenon”

Let’s Talk

An introduction

As CARNA chief executive officer, I depend a great deal on the expertise shared with me by provincial council, staff, health care leaders and my peers in health regulation and associations across Canada and internationally. I also would like to hear more directly from you – Alberta’s registered nurses.

The overwhelming number of emails,phone calls and letters from you in response to my open letter about renewal tells me that

Meet Shannon Spenceley, elected president-elect in 2011 and now serving as CARNA president for a two-year term.  In her first video blog to members, Shannon speaks about the challenges facing registered nursing in Alberta and invites you to connect with her. You are invited to post comments by scrolling to the bottom of this page or… Read More